Do you print?

Of course! We print in 2x6 strips and/or 4x6 postcards in both colour or black and white.

How do I choose my template?

All of our templates are custom made for our guests. When you get a qoute, simply describe what you would like the template to look like, such as themes, colours, backgrounds, and we'll respond with matching samples.

Can I see myself in the screen before taking a photo?

Yes! You can even decide the number of seconds you would like the countdown to be.

Is there an attendant on site?

Absolutely! There will always be an attendant on site to set up, take down, answer any questions you have and just to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Does the booth rental come with props?

Always! We have a wide selection of props to choose from depending on the theme of your event.

How many backdrops do you have?

We have shimmer backdrops that come in gold, rose gold, and silver. Additonally, you can order another colour of your choice in advance.